Hello and Update!

My recital has been changed from May 22nd to May 23rd at 17:00! The correction has been made on my events page, as well as the Facebook event I will make soon. This way if you come there is time for dinner and beers after! 

Here is a little sneak preview since you stumbled ALL they way to my website- an excerpt from Movement I of Sean Griffin's Pattycake featuring the talented patty-caker Christian Smith. Enjoy! And if you are in the area around the 23rd, or know someone who might be, tell them to stop by! 

Check out my live stream if you can't make it:


I will be premiering Lawton Hall's All Your Thens For Now for solo vibraphone and voice, as well as amazing music by Christopher Adler, david lang, Kurt Schwitters, and Philippe Hurel. 



Welcome to my brand new site!!! (Christmas present from Zac Evans)

This is my first actual blog post and I'm so excited I can complement it with a new video recording of David Lang's String of Pearls for solo marimba. Most know how frustrating this piece is to learn, memorize, perform, practice, forget….. :D etc. But I definitely reached a new level while recording a few nights ago- I've never been so angry while playing. I now have an even deeper respect for the few recordings I've seen on youtube!!

This recording is NOT perfect, and it still has 5 more months in the process before my recital. If anyone has comments, questions, or would like to share ANYTHING in their learning process of this piece- PLEASE DO. 

Would love to hear them.