überDUR is a 30 minute theatrical production created as a part of my final master thesis at the Hochschule der Künste Bern. the production acted as an experiment to blend the roles of director–performer–composer/creator–scenographer.

überDUR itself will not be re-created, but the ideas and concepts held within will live on in my future work...


überDUR is about the harmony of DUR – the harmony of our unconscious, subconscious, and conscious – the harmony of our three minds reflecting on the materialized «natural» world we live in. This harmony elicits rare emotions – pleasure, pain, anger, confusion, selfrealization, remembrance, meaninglessness – that arise when there is no longer a repression of our innermost desires, thoughts, images, memories – our unconscious. Is it possible to control this state of one undisturbed mind?

conscious: Katelyn King

subconscious: Brian Archinal, Noémie Brun, Marie Delprat

unconscious: Luzius Schuler, Benedikt Utzinger, Christoph King-Utzinger