Katelyn King, performance
Carolyn Chen, composition
Justin Rabideau, installation design

Premiere scheduled for March 22nd, 2018 in Bern Switzerland!

I search our foundations tangled in roots is a performance on a sculpture exploring how physical objects connect us to a sense of home. The central sculpture suspends chimes of hand-blown glass bulbs containing bits of materials linked to each collaborator’s home in Georgia, California, and Switzerland. Sand, Georgia clay, black dirt, screws, nails, bits of wood, seeds, rice, and pecans rattle and shift inside their containers. These objects are preserved in the glass that encircles them, tiny time capsules retaining connection to their place of origin. Glass enwraps, protects, and disseminates the sound of the materials as they drift through the air, coming into contact with other chimes. The sound of these chimes, sounded through various means, mixes with our recorded voices, recalling memories triggered by the objects inside. The process of remembering connects us to homes past and present, near and far.